"" Family Veggie Garden: July 2019


Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli are all part of the Brassicas Group. Other members of this group include Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Chinese Cabbage and Turnips. There are lots of different types of these vegetables.  These plants prefer cool weather in Southern Africa. They are easy to grow, they can be grown as trans plants preferable.


The Brassicas Group will grow in all types of soils. They are heavy feeders, so spread plenty of manure in the bed, as well as, a good amount of compost.

Fresh Cauliflower
Fresh Cauliflower


Seed should be sown thinly, cover them up and firm the top. When the seedlings come through, prick out and replant into pots. Later transplant them into your well prepared bed. Water regularly.


Cabbage can be cut as soon as they have good hearts. Always cut the Cauliflower early in the morning whilst the curds are moist. Broccoli flowering shoots grow out from the axils. When the shoots are about 30cm long, cut them to 50mm of their base, this results in more shoots produced later. Learn more about this veggie group.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019



Growing peas gives you the choice of climbing or dwarf variety peas. We love growing tall telephone peas, as well as, rondo garden peas. Freshly picked young sweet and tender, garden peas, are a feast, which can be eaten just straight from the pod. Peas can be included in many main course dishes or as a vegetable accompanied by a meal. We are sowing peas during March and April every year.


Add well-rotted compost and manure into the soil. Add a top dressing of bone meal before sowing.


For sowing choose a well-drained area where the soil has been well prepared. Sow seeds 50mm deep. The distance between the drills will depend on the variety that is being sown. High varieties about 100cm apart, smaller varieties about 45cm apart. Give the plants protection from birds.

Tall telephone Peas in our Garden
Tall Telephone Peas in our Garden


When the seedlings are about 75mm high, they should be encourage to climb, this can be done by erecting posts at the end of each row. Fasten wire or twine that should run the full length of the row. Mulching is a good idea to retain moisture.


Pick the pods frequently to encourage even more pods. Pick peas as near to the time you intend to cook them as possible to retain sweetness. When the plants have finished fruiting, cut of the stems and put onto the compost heap. Allow the roots to retain in the ground so that they can release nitrogen into the soil.

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