"" Family Veggie Garden: June 2019


Thursday, June 20, 2019



An easy veggie to grow for beginners. We love growing yellow and white carrots that we can harvest over a long period. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin a, they are also high in fibre and sugar content. They can be cooked as a vegetable and also eaten raw. There is a wide range of varieties to choose from.


Carrots require deep, sandy loose soil and must also be well drained. Soil must be prepared the season before the crop is to be planted. Fresh manure will make the roots fork instead of growing straight. Add manure and compost in the previous season and dig over soil and allow to stand, it will then be easier forked down.


Carrots will not germinate well if the soil is too cold or wet, sow in a sunny area. Do not sow all the seeds at the same time, Make successive sowings with about 2 weeks between each sowing. Mix seed with a little dry sand or flour for easier sowing, about 10mm deep. Cover the seed lightly with sand. Sowing time in Southern Africa is best between March and July. 

Enjoy lovely fresh carrots from your own backyard.

Healthy fresh Carrots
Healthy Fresh Carrots


Beetroots give salads colour and bite, they can be preserved with onions in vinegar. We love growing red, yellow and white beetroot.


Beetroots do well in light, sandy soil, but will also do well in other types of soil if they are first well prepared. Add plenty good compost and manure some time before they are planted. Just before sowing, add bone meal and rake in lightly.


Sow seeds in rows 80cm apart and 25mm deep. After sowing cover the seeds lightly and firm over. Sow from February to April in Southern Africa. They are left in soil until they are fully mature before they are harvested.

Thin out the seedlings when about 30mm high to give space between each plant. Keep the area clear of weeds. Harvesting can be pulled up as soon as they reach a suitable size. Care must be taken not to damage them so that they do not bleed.
Enjoy your own fresh beetroot.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019


Most people are looking for a way to cut corners and save some money. One way that you can save a lot of money is with your food bill. Not only can you save money on your food bill, but you can also start eating healthier.

You have probably heard about organic foods. Foods that are all natural and do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Organic vegetables usually cost a lot more than other vegetables that are grown using chemicals pesticides and other toxins. You have probably heard that organic vegetables are better for you, but do not want to spend the extra money. You are looking to get more bang out of your buck.

The way to really save money and eat healthy at the same time is to grow your own vegetables. If you have a patch of ground, you can save money by growing your veggies in the soil and wind up with veggies and fruits that are healthier than those that you buy in the store. Of course, you will have to wait until harvest time to start saving the money, but after your first harvest, you can save all year long.

Tomatoes & Basil
Tomatoes & Basil
It takes work to plant and harvest a vegetable garden, but it is good work. Working in a garden and planting veggies is actually therapeutic. When you are saving money because of your endeavers, it makes the experience even better. The hard work is getting your garden started and harvesting, as well as preserving the foods. The best of all, you can start right NOW!  You will be on your way to start saving money and eat more healthy.

If you are ready to start saving on your food bill by growing your own vegetables take tips from our family veggie garden blog and put them to use. Eat healthy foods and stop wasting your money. The tips that we give you are easy enough for anyone to follow, but they do take work. The work will pay off for you when you see how healthy your family is eating, as well as how much money you are saving.