Thursday, May 9, 2019


Your seedlings should be doing well by now. As tempting as it might be to relax and watch the fruits of your labour you must remember that there is still work to do if you want your organic veggie garden to grow and thrive.


First you must remember to water your garden. During the spring and summer you will use watering as an excuse to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. On rainy days you do not need to worry about watering your garden.

One thing you must avoid is over watering your garden! When you are out looking at the garden check to see if the soil is very wet or soggy. Watering the veggie garden should be done early in the morning, before 10.00am if it's possible. Just remember, too much watering eventually drowns plants and is just as harmful as not enough watering.
Watering consistently is your ultimate goal, watering your plants consistently with the same amount of water each day will do wonders.

Tasty Swiss chard in our garden (7/05/19)
Tasty Swiss Chard in our garden 7-05-19

Weeding is another important part of having an organic veggie garden. Weed will quickly overrun a vegetable garden killing the veggies and leaving you with a garden filled with weeds. If your garden is checked every day it is possible to pull weeds quickly before they have a chance to get out of control. Since you are growing an organic garden you cannot turn to tempting weed spays and chemicals, instead you should rely on old fashioned hoeing and weed pulling.  Enjoy the excersize with your family.

Insects are another thing that must be watched for when growing an organic veggie garden. Some insects are useful for helping a garden grow. But too many will eat your veggies before your family even has a chance to bring in an harvest. One way to help get rid of insects is to create your own organic pesticide. This can be done by taking two teaspoons of dish liquid soap and mixing it with one cup of vegetable oil. Add a couple of spoons of this mixture to water in a spray bottle and spray the areas most heavily affected. Onions and Garlic are two veggies that are perfect for repelling insects and certain herbs like Basil can also help.
There are other things that organic veggie growers have to look out for in addition to insects. We will discuss all of these in future posts.
Keep on enjoying your veggie garden.

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